Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Started Decorating!

With Spring here, the sun is out and the window coverings are open to let in the light. Glass looks wonderful in the light, so this is a great time to get started!

For those of you who are hesitant because of "glass is fragile," fused glass is much more durable than you think. Each piece is made from at least 2 layers of glass. If you feel a piece, you'll find that it's pretty thick and heavy. I can attest to having dropped at least 3 coasters from 3-4 feet in height on concrete with no chips or breakage!

Getting Started
1. Focus on one room at the beginning.
Look for areas to display glass -- empty shelves, tables, wallspace -- or items that you want to replace or update. Take measurements, especially when you are limited in height or width. Having the right sizes allows you to purchase an item when you see it. As most glass art is not mass produced, you don't want to have someone else purchase the piece that's just right for your house because you need to go home to measure. Most artists, like me, want you to be thrilled with your purchase and are willing to exchange the item if it's not right.
2. Determine your color scheme.
Think about what colors you love, what colors you have and what colors you want to have. If your room is a neutral color like beige, you can add just about any color. Glass can also help you update your colors by adding in a new color and swapping out the old accent color. Finally, glass can enhance your existing color combinations as long as it's a complementary color. For example a blue and green room could add third color such as purple or yellow, especially as an accent color.
3. Add pieces to other rooms as you find them.
What will happen as you start to look is that you'll find something you love that's not in the color scheme of your focal room. If you love it and think it will fit somewhere else in house, then get it. Often after I find a glass piece I love, I walk around the house looking at the different places it could go. I may have an idea when I buy it (sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong) but I always find a place for it :)
4. Display the glass as is or make it more functional.

As as enthusiast, I prefer to display glass as it is. However, you could also make it functional as well. For example, you could place a candles on a glass plate or fruit on a platter. I do have one functional way I use glass and that's with coasters. I put 3 under a set of candles and use the 4th under a liquid soap dispense. This adds a nice touch of color to both the candles and the sink area.

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