Saturday, March 27, 2010

7 Easy Ways to Decorate Using Glass

As a glass enthusiast, decorating with glass comes naturally to me but it is not intuitive for most people. Here's a couple of tips for how to display your glass pieces:

Glass Plate, Platter or Dish Laid Flat
1. Display medium to large glass items as a centerpiece on a table such as a coffee table, kitchen table or dining room table.
2. Group the glass in a set of 3 on a table or credenza with either all 3 pieces being the same size or with the middle one being larger. Smaller glass items like dishes can also work on a desk.

3. Use it alone as an accent piece on a side table.

Glass Plate, Dish, Bowl or Panel in a Stand
Placing the glass in a stand gives it a whole new look and displays more of the color and design.
4. Use a focal piece surrounded by other glass objects. A tip that I use is to buy relatively inexpensive solid-colored glass vases or bottles a place like Target or West Elm. Other items such as candles can also be used. These add depth and interest but keeps the focus on the original piece of art. Typically, these are grouped together as a set of three with the original art piece in the center.

5. Use it alone as an accent piece on a side table. This also works with a mantel, especially when there's a picture or TV in the center.

6. Place a glass panel in a wrought iron stand to showcase the glass!

Glass Plate or Panel Mounted on the Wall
7. Mount the piece on a wall to show off your art. This especially makes a statement when multiple pieces are grouped together. There are a number of ways to mount glass ranging from shelves with ledges to sophisticated-looking silver metal posts (two on the top and two on the bottom, close to the corners) to invisible mountings where the glass is glued to a post from behind. My personal favorites are the metal posts and invisible mountings, which I provide upon request.

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