Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Trend: Florals and How to Wear The Look

One of this year's trends is florals. When you look around, spring is in the air, flowers are beginning to bloom, so why not join in?

If you're a person who prefers to wear solids, like me, you can still incorporate the floral trend in a variety of ways:

1. Go with larger, looser floral prints - this is not the dainty floral print but something a little bolder and more contemporized. I find that a mix of solids and florals help to tone it down and provide balance - shirts with a mix of solids and prints or a floral top and a solid cardigan.

2. Try the cardigans and tees with floral appliques. These have been around for a while and are still in style this year with increased availability.

3. Use floral accessories to add to your basic wardrobe. This can be in the form of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. My personal favorite are pins because they actually embellish the article of clothing. I have a large collection of floral pins that I purchased from various art shows which I typically wear in the winter as most of them are knit. Given my preference for floral pins, I decided to try to create some out of glass. Here's a few just out of kiln.
These or something similar can easily add color and incorporate the floral look to any jacket, cardigan, top or tee.


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