Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's New: Wire Wrapped Fused Glass Marquis Pendants

Some of you may have seen my wire wrapped dichroic glass hearts, which I've been making for a number of years.

To expand on that idea, I now have wire wrapped marquis shaped pendants.  The process of making them are similar, although I've changed the decorative wire wrapping a little.  The first step is to cut out the marquis shape.  Next, I coldwork the shape to smooth out the edges and grind a channel or grove in the side, which helps the wire stay in place.  The pendant goes back into the kiln to be fire polished.

Once it comes out, I select Swarovski crystal beads that match the colors in the glass and cut square sterling silver wire to use as the wrap.  Here's the first of several that I've made:

I know not everyone is a heart person, so I'm hoping this shape will appeal to those who aren't.  Another new item: sterling silver marquis shaped earrings with fused glass dangles (to come in a later post).  These should go nicely with the pendant.

Another new thing is that I purchased a DSLR camera and macro lens so I can take better pictures of my jewelry.  I've been challenged with getting the colors of the dichroic glass and I'm happy with how these pictures turned look forward to more jewelry posts to come in the future.  Taking photos has been one of the things I least enjoy but with my new camera, I'm beginning to have a little fun.  I'd be interested in your thoughts on the photos and pendant, of course!