Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fused Glass Plates Using Shelf Melts - Part 2

In my prior post, you saw the making of the glass using a high temperature shelf melt. While I am still working on how to create a swirlier effect (another attempt is in the kiln as I write), I wanted to share with you how the cut glass looks in finished plates.

Another type of shelf melt that I've tried is one that does not involve high temperature. This is fired at regular fusing temperatures and includes a bubble squeeze to eliminate the air so that glass lays side to side. As the glass will be cut up in 1/4" strips so that the sides lay face up, you can use larger pieces that you may not have been able to with the prior melt.

As you can see, this glass is not as attractive as the glass in the prior post. However, once it's cut up, the results are just as striking, if not more.

Here's a couple of photos of the slices of glass used in plates. I'd be interested to know which style of melt you prefer. Most likely I'll be doing a combination of the two :)

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