Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making the Holidays Merry with Fused Glass

I love the holidays and making the house festive. I realize how much I miss this now that I'm in a apartment in the Seattle area and all of my Christmas decoration are in storage. In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would share a could of decorating ideas for the holidays using fused glass, of course:

Use fused glass coaster bottoms under candles to add color. I typically do this with 3 candles (one larger and two smaller) and use the 4th coaster under the soap dispenser. This is especially nice with holiday coasters and red, green or blue candles and a great way to add color. Another alternative is to spread out the candles and coasters (rather than group them as three) or give a candle and coaster as a holiday gift. And, of course, coasters can be used just as they are too ;)

Make entertaining special and serve desserts on fused glass plates or platters. Last year, I had a holiday open house and used platters for the breads and cookies, a nice touch!

Decorate the tree with fused glass ornaments. I enjoy making ornaments, even though they can be very time consuming. It can make the tree a little more special to have something handmade and original on it. Ornaments can also make very nice hostess gifts.

And, for those of us who are space constrained or decorating minimalists, it's still nice to have a tree of some sorts in the house :)

Happy holidays! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, filled with the joy of the season.

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